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I am a master of Design Graduate from Design Discipline , IIITDM, Jabalpur, India.
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DeW 2015 Website

DeW is an interdisciplinary design workshop organized by IIITDM Jabalpur in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. The website for the event was an in-house project from IIITDMJ during my final year.
Visit the site here at - DeW 2015

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DeW 2015 Website Design DeW 2015 Website Design

Wedding Card Design and Website

For my Brothers Marriage, I decided to throw in some colors. Unlike the traditional South Indian approach, we dared to try a fun colorful approach to the print design!
Visit the site here at - amyandanzu.in

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Wedding Card and Website Design

The Actual Prints

Wedding Card and Website Design Wedding Card and Website Design

Daily Ninja app UI

The project was done as a part of the 2015 summer internship at Appspire tech. Daily Ninja, the mobile application, its logo, and other identities are copyright of Appspire tech. The app is basically a hyper platform for subscription based dailly necessities like eggs milks and so forth.

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DailyNinja app UI

10 Minute Sketches

Waiting is not in my best interests. But i always find myself in a position where i have nothing left to do but play on my phone. these few minutes i get i sketch on my small phone!

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10 Minute Sketches

Appspire Technologies Branding

The project was self initiated when i had the opppurtunity to work with the team during my summer Internship. The project was to make a simple digital, fun, yet professional logo for a tech startup based in Mumbai India

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Appspire Technologies Branding

Kyudokan India Promotion

Kyudokan India is the indian chapter of an International Karate school. they needed a new logo to create a brand identity and merchendise and so forth. Through the many years i made multiple print media and online graphics for the school including video advertisements.

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Kyudokan India Promotion

UI Design - Cake Recipe

After my Bachelors when i worked for smacon tech, I worked for the UI and wireframing of an app that would help people to bake different cakes easily.

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UI Design - Cake recipe



Masters in Visual Design with 8.6 CGPA

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

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Master Student at Design Discipline, IIITDMJ

2015 Summer Internship
UI /UX Designer @ Appspire Technologies

2007 - Present
User Experience Designer @ Kyudokan India

2013 - 2014
Project Manager / Designer @ Smacon Technologies

Knowledge & Skills

HTML5 / Css

Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects / Adobe Premiere
Adobe Dream Weaver / Adobe InDesign
Keyshot / Blender (3D Modelling)

Experience with:
User Survey, User study, User Experience, Wireframing, Interface Design, Illustrations, Graphics Design.

Contact me at :aneez117@gmail.com

Call me at : +91 8281711885